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Sure, DarkPoetry was originally just a place to post poems and get quality feedback.

But it became much more. In its 14+ years of quiet existence in the underbelly of the internet, DarkPoetry has attracted a diverse corpus of talented poets, conspiring to develop the dark art of the spoken miracle.

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DarkPoetry Redesigned

Dear Member, I've heard through the grapevine that DarkPoetry's design has been borderline intolerable on mobile devices, so I took a (very long) day off from my usual work yesterday and redesigned the whole site to use responsive design grids: a fancy way to say that if the page won't fit comfortably on your screen, it will break itself into pieces and display in a long column instead.

Come have a look, allow yourself to adjust to the new icons, and please post any suggestions or problems that you notice in the General Help Forum, the second link in the new icon cluster at the top of logged-in pages.

Thanks for being a part of DarkPoetry, and helping us transition into the next era of the web. Best, Matt
Posted by DarkPoet on 2015-05-12 08:15:07

Proud to Announce a New Legend

DarkPoetry council unanimously has chosen lupus tenebrae as its 2015's addition to the Legends of DarkPoetry. We salute our newest addition to the legends and express our humble gratitude for all of the artistry and contribution to our community.
Posted by DarkPoet on 2015-02-22 17:14:25

Server Gnome Team Alpha

Server Gnome Team Alpha reports that some problems with logging on and so forth caused by our database going somewhat haywire are resolved, and it looks like nobody lost anything, so that's all good. Feel free to report any oddness to our support portal.
Posted by DarkPoet on 2015-01-22 10:05:14

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