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  • "i hate it when i dont actually get the kill, cause i just know it is goin to get it's minions and then infest my carcass with spiderlings ..... ugh! .... i just creeped myself out "
    Posted by Opklot on "Kill the spider" by SilentStalker
  • "Fantastic! .... I didn't expect the route that you took this .... Very very nice! .... Glad you are back .... thanks for the view! "
    Posted by Opklot on "Sing a Sweet Song" by Quietus
  • "Awesome! .... you have got the eye! .... i cant wait for another pic! .... thanks for the view! "
    Posted by Opklot on "rain-wrapped" by elisa
  • "You are awesome! ... This was a fantastic read! "I meant to write it down..." wonderfully penned! Thanks for the view!!! "
    Posted by Opklot on "Will I Ever Be Ready?" by TriBeth
  • "Another superb thought put to words! ... Aye, the eardrums of my mind become taught with reflexive expectation, sometimes. Thankfully, you have said what I could not find the words to verbalize. You Freakin' Rock! ... Thanks for the view!!!"
    Posted by Opklot on "Writers Block" by TriBeth
  • "You have a wonderful way of expressing thought ... "Patience is not a virtue...but it should be" ... well said! Thanks for the view!!! "
    Posted by Opklot on "Hypervigilance" by TriBeth
  • "This is awesome to read, Beth! ... The way you wrote it, compells the reader to jump in with both feet ... Thanks for the view!!! "
    Posted by Opklot on "My Sea of Despair" by TriBeth
  • "You know how I am about my Bro, so this is always touching when someone els can express the appreciation for a family member... Thanks for the view, Beth!!!"
    Posted by Opklot on "My Sister" by TriBeth
  • "My Dear Beth, if you could only see yourself the way I do. We have never personally met but you are a very interesting, passionate, compassionate, intelligent, deep and yet approachable woman. In other words, You Freakin' Rock! ....thanks for the view!!!"
    Posted by Opklot on "Reflections" by TriBeth
  • "I like this write a lot. "The lust for tomorrow ends with fear" was especially powerful when combined fore and aft. well done .... Thanks for the view! "
    Posted by Opklot on "Snake Oil Sonnet" by Alchemist
  • "This gave me a chuckle ...nice job! ....thanks for the view!"
    Posted by Opklot on "Old News" by soloiq
  • "Holy Moly, This was incredibly good! ... I like the repetition lines ....kinda like a chorus of a tune ... I could hear the rhythm and the backup tune in my head ... I really really like this! .... Thnaks for the view!!! "
    Posted by Opklot on "You can't hide from self" by TriBeth
  • "Wonderfully written! .... "and the crazy, happy, beautiful people who I love." .... Absolutely beautiful .... you included all the folks here with this line and the one that precedes it .... You Rock! .... Thanks for the view! "
    Posted by Opklot on "This one's for You (a Tribute to DP)" by Blood Saga
  • "You are a real trip, Mizz .... Every time I think you cannot possibly amaze me further, you do. Thanks for the view and the unconditional love. "
    Posted by Opklot on "A Gift to Me" by Mizz_Whatserface
  • "Many a day did I stand in front of a microphone. My guitar had a voice of her own that I just coaxed out with a caress. I too wanted to be a rock star, but I wanted anonymity more. You can't have both .... This was a great write that hit truth in the noggin with a seventies "V" .... Thanks for the view!!!"
    Posted by Opklot on "The White Trash Rockstar I Wanna Be" by SleepingDead
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