Comments by River Lily

  • "breathtaking each one..and they all fit together perfectly like they were meant to share the page, beautifully written."
    Posted by River Lily on "three small poems" by clockwork
  • "This is laced with wisdom and awareness, definitely words to contemplate and look upon often :) much enjoyed the read"
    Posted by River Lily on "When—" by GhettoZombie
  • "So..I adore this, but want to get off track a second..I started to read The Tale of a body thief and theres a part in where Lestat is talking about The artist Rembrandt and how Rembrandt Had sold his soul to the devil but at some point in time decided he no longer wanted to keep his end of the bargain and wanted to be in Gods graces instead so he painted people who werent so beautiful but painted them so his revealed there inner beauty giving light to the seemingly hopes of being in gods good grace again :) rambling on I do that sometimes but this reminded me of that. But again this was a stunning write beautifully penned a lot of great lines and I enjoyed it very much thanks for the read. "
    Posted by River Lily on "Lucifer's Theophany" by quantummysticist18
  • "You say "not one of my best" Smh..I think all of your write are amazing, beautiful and paint with your words and Continually captivate and capture what you are seeing or describing. Amazing lines throughout..much enjoyed,"
    Posted by River Lily on "Buckeyes Nestling in the Shade" by lupus tenebrae
  • "One day you will graduate, and might actually miss school even if you hated it at the time you were there..Somedays I'd much rather wake up and go to school then wake up and go to work :D Nicely penned welcome to dp."
    Posted by River Lily on "Help" by Death Star
  • "Maybe in one way or another we are all hero' can be tough and still we awake each day and fight..we survive. Nicely penned welcome to dp"
    Posted by River Lily on "When Hope Is lost" by themasterhunter
  • "There are hero's, soldiers..firemen.. people risking lives every day to help another.. doctors curing diseases and treating patients..nurses caring for the elderly.. I think other then those things n needs its up to us to save ourselves. Nicely penned..welcome to Dp"
    Posted by River Lily on "Heros don't exist" by ProfessorBlack
  • "I would love to hear some of your works put to music..many are very lyrical..this was unique..the ending lines were great. Thanks for the read"
    Posted by River Lily on "lost light" by Sevenmileswest
  • ":D had no clue you were talking about a baby till the end, all the things going through my head was everything but that ..cleverly penned."
    Posted by River Lily on "Untitled" by Allen
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