Comments by River Lily

  • "Not sure if you know what I'm referring to but while reading this I kept think of the dark tower series ..which I love made me think of the crimson king for some reason..maybe it was the way you drew me into the tower and the epic descriptions you had used..along with the awesome images you have created.your talent never ceases to amaze ..great write :) deserves a 10 "
    Posted by River Lily on "The Mad King's Tower" by Lab Rat
  • "Too see beneath the layers takes talent..I was thinking of the Poe line upon finishing this.. "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" Much enjoyed your pen a thoughtful and brilliant write. Welcome to dp"
    Posted by River Lily on "Deception game" by TomeSewell
  • "This was impressive, beautifully penned..the ending lines hopeful..Hope you are well..always a treat to read something new from you :)"
    Posted by River Lily on "Tongues" by Phalanx
  • "This is breathtaking, positive and beautiful..a breath of fresh air from your side of the world :)"
    Posted by River Lily on "Flower Child" by Phalanx
  • "Terribly sad, reminds me of a time long ago..I'm thinking this has to do with an abusive partner if so I hope you find the strength to leave whether emotional,mental or physical abuse,noone should feel this way. nice pen"
    Posted by River Lily on "Cautious Bird" by Ashalyne
  • "I have grown to adore your word make everything vivid and in your face. You have a talent for drawing the reader in and holding my attention till the end. So many great lines.. I couldnt possibly quote one. Much enjoyed."
    Posted by River Lily on "A Siren Pile-Up In The Midst Of A Riot" by carlosjackal
  • "The structure was perfect, imagery amazing, and a new side to your writing I have never read before...This bleeds chaos and anguish..very emotion fueled. love your pen :)"
    Posted by River Lily on "Clockwork Madness" by lupus tenebrae
  • "this was very long, but you carried a word flow all the way through to the end..leaving me rather impressed..I sad tale you told..heart wrenching and powerful. greatly enjoyed"
    Posted by River Lily on "I Welcome Death" by SirEnders
  • "you have such a beautiful soft way with words..they spill gently across the page and capture the readers attention from start to finish. Much enjoy reading you"
    Posted by River Lily on "conflagration spectacle" by Lab Rat
  • "I love this..its lighthearted..airy and happy. So many great lines and brought a smile to my face :) "
    Posted by River Lily on "Beanstalk" by GhettoZombie
  • "I think that pen is doing the job just fine..this is riddled with emotion..metaphor..and imagery. Much enjoyed"
    Posted by River Lily on "Venomous words " by beamish
  • "this is beautiful..and hit home because I personally love the rain and fog and cloudy days although this is more of love poem rather than about the weather :P this was penned perfectly and had lovely imagery much enjoyed hope you continue to write ..welcome to dp"
    Posted by River Lily on "Is it the Rain?" by God Is In The Rain
  • "the opening lines were beautiful..this flowed gracefully till the end. Much enjoyed"
    Posted by River Lily on "burn me" by beamish
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