Comments by River Lily

  • ""I will own my wrong because I know I need to change bacause I love you. Loving you makes me want this." those lines make me bleed... I'm not going to get into detail but I connected with this. Amazing pen as always"
    Posted by River Lily on "Tethered" by Phalanx
  • "This was epic..and I adored it the first time around, still spun a magical tale that twisted around my imagination ..vividly "the ghosts and memories remain" perfect wording and many great lines..Everytime I read you I feel like i'm being told a story. "
    Posted by River Lily on "He Who Leaps the Flames. " by TheProphetUntold
  • "When I read I always try to pick it apart get a feel for it try to relate then comment..this has a war type feeling maybe i'm getting that out of it because of everything happening in paris or perhaps thats what you were going for either way nicely penned as always."
    Posted by River Lily on "Psalm of the Damned" by rwb35
  • "A gentle wash of emotion..A downpour of "maybe I wasn't"? ..But what if you were..And you just couldn't see it your eyes wider find your worth What if you really didn't know the person you are or are meant to be..I see someone beautiful..intelligent, broken in places but that only adds to your uniqueness..a poet bleeding emotion deeply embedding it into those who read it..leaving impressions and something to relate to..strength abides in every line you put down.. you can be with someone and still feel the wave of loneliness I know this feeling..keep your head up *smile* this blew me away"
    Posted by River Lily on "Haunted Memories (revised again) -_-" by Beth
  • "We all wear masks and I guess for types of reasons , This was etched with sadness and penned beautifully ..much enjoyed welcome to Dp"
    Posted by River Lily on "The Mask I Wear" by AgentMain
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