Comments by Believer

  • "i think that for most people, just knowing that they have one other person that they can talk to makes a difference... but sometimes, it doesn't help. nonetheless, we should all try."
    Posted by Believer on "Okay is Enough" by Enough
  • "you know, you captured this nothingness so well. it's the same feeling that i get. i commend you for this. it was real and i know this nothingness. this wondering. but what i have found, is that there is more than that."
    Posted by Believer on "The Feeling of .. Unknowing Emptiness" by Dissolving Poet
  • "indeed. i very much enjoyed this. and i apologize for the simplicity of this comment but you must excuse me cuz it's 2 am >"
    Posted by Believer on "Old Footsteps" by Carmina Gitana
  • "i really liked this as well. and i agree with gothemite. that line definitely stood out."
    Posted by Believer on "Show Me" by TornPaperDoll
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