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Insomnias Reasons by Simply Me
dark Poetry
dark Poetry

Insomnias Reasons

By Simply Me

Thoughts of what might happen

In a darkened room alone

The temperature is rising

Yet I shiver from the cold

My heart beats wildly, never still

My hands shake from the fear

Of what I'll see tomorrow

And from remembering early years

Yesterday's in my left hand

In the right tomorrows held

And until they're both forgotten

I never will be well

Thoughts of what has happened

In a darkened room alone

I replay every detail

My life has ever known

My heart beats wildly, never still

My hands shake from the fear

Of seeing all those yesterdays

And tomorrow's almost here

If I let go of yesterday

And tomorrow falls down to my right

Then maybe I can hold today

And make it through the night

Rebecca Geary

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
© 2006 Simply Me
Published on Saturday, March 25, 2006.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Insomnias Reasons"

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  • Dr Benway On Sunday, November 16, 2008, Dr Benway (52)By person wrote:

    I understand this poem, I could see it as I read it. I hope you write more like this. Very Vivid

  • yslehc On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, yslehc (351)By person wrote:

    lovely write, good rhyming.. nice job:)

  • fenix2337 On Saturday, March 25, 2006, fenix2337 (6)By person wrote:

    very nice. i wrote one titled Why Sleep Evades Me, conveying similiar ideas. well in my mind, but we all know that is beyond help. keep it up.

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