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Medusa by johnbevan17
dark Poetry
dark Poetry


By johnbevan17

Beauty was her vision,
her hair was long and wild,
hour glass was her figure,
and the sun lit up her smile,

Her heart,
was sweet and tender,
For the love she gave to him,
they lay down together,
As she freely gave in,

The passion,
The fire,
Of that single night,
She never knew,
it would be her plight,
Unknown to her,
Someone watched out of sight,

Torn and twisted,
Athena knew and insisted,
Poseidon's betrayal,
be tried and tested,
Casting a curse,
on the young fair maiden,
For the love,
that she had taken,

"You shall never,
look upon a man again,
I shall take away your beauty,
for the pain you brought un to me,
Those who look un to you,
shall turn cold,
and in to stone,
You shall live your life alone,
so that you to can see,
The coldness I feel un to thee,"

The pain,
The fair maiden felt inside,
Had turned to hate,
as it twists in her mind,
for a love she felt was true,
To a man,
who turned his back on her to,

Medusa's heart,
had turned to stone,
and for the rest of her life,
She felt cold and alone,
for no mortal could gaze upon,
The beauty that once was,
now that her soul is lost,

Her hair,
once long and wild,
Now venomous snakes,
that killed the child,
her sun lit smile,
Now distorted with terror,
For those,
who wish to come near.

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Copyright 2011 johnbevan17
Published on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.     Filed under: "Rage" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Medusa"

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  • Ladyhawke On Tuesday, October 18, 2011, Ladyhawke (639)By person wrote:

    I love the way you brought the age old story of medusa here. Couldn't have done it better. The seduction, the passion and finally, the punishment. Really well written and composed. Thanks for sharing this:)

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