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Prayer to Saint Alice by Drea
dark Poetry
dark Poetry

Prayer to Saint Alice

By Drea

Alice has become my Patron Saint of Insanity. I pray to her nightly.


give me the strength to decipher all the voices in my head.
Grant me courage to face all the maddening memories
that wander aimlessly through my mind.
Once upon a time I was sane.
I quickly learned sanity is overrated
(Thank the March Hare for that).
Mother Alice,
give me the stamina to keep chasing the White Rabbit down this wretched hole.
There are answers on the other side that will quench my curiosities,
"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

Please, Dear Alice,
guide me through the Valley of the Red Queen.
Allow me to keep my head as I steal the freshly painted roses.
Send the grinning moon to light my way through the Garden,
where stars twinkle in tea pots made of sugar and madness.

Sweet Alice,
sometimes perfect is too perfect.
I've lost my hat some where in the Garden.
I'm going sane.
The Dormouse won't speak to me.
"Twinkle, Twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!"


Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2011 Andrea Jenica Esquivel
Published on Tuesday, August 9, 2011.     Filed under: "Fantasy" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Alice in Wonderland
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Comments on "Prayer to Saint Alice"

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  • Silver Spectre On Thursday, August 25, 2011, Silver Spectre (86)By person wrote:

    Drea, Bravo.

  • Nameless Pariah On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, Nameless Pariah (157)By person wrote:

    Oh! I would favorite this if I could, but alas I have no more room. Dammit! It felt like this was written from the Mad Hatter's point of view. I absolutely loved this.

  • NikesRain On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, NikesRain (1362)By person wrote:

    this was amazing and i loved every line of it... the tone and feel... perfectly spun and slipped down the lapin causeway and swam between the colors and whispers of it...

  • NikesRain On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, NikesRain (1362)By person wrote:

    where stars twinkle in tea pots made of sugar and madness...... that line so meshed the real and fantastical... i think i'm going to steal it for myself and tuck it away somewhere safe ;)

  • Drea On Wednesday, August 10, 2011, Drea (794)By person wrote:

    You flatter me with your words.

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