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My Fucking Bank Is Ripping Me Off -- in the future by Adam
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dark Poetry

My Fucking Bank Is Ripping Me Off -- in the future

By Adam

My Fucking Bank Is Ripping Me Off -- in the future

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Look they even pre dated the transaction, i thought that was illegal. I double checked the calender and today (Sunday) is the 8-17 NOT 8-18... the asses!

Does anyone even know what a debit memo is?

Let me know if you do, so i know how loud to yell at the customer service people.

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© 2008 Adaml
Published on Sunday, August 17, 2008.     Filed under: "Graphic Art"
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Comments on "My Fucking Bank Is Ripping Me Off -- in the future"

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  • Lydia Jade On Tuesday, December 29, 2009, Lydia Jade (1443)By person wrote:

    what happened?

  • Sketso On Monday, August 25, 2008, Sketso (546)By person wrote:

    So... did you call the bank? What was it?

  • wonderland hysteria On Monday, August 18, 2008, wonderland hysteria (2836)By person wrote:

    Maybe you're suffering identity theft. :P

  • Adam On Monday, August 18, 2008, Adam (255)By person wrote:

    I have not made a charge in over a week... (of any type) I have free checking with Citizens bank (for this account) Scholar

  • Sketso On Monday, August 18, 2008, Sketso (546)By person wrote:

    A debit memo is simply a pre-hit of something that will be known to debit on the next business day. It reflects in the balance even though it won't officially debit until the date marked. This prevents you from spending the money and (hopefully) going OD on the account... I'd check the terms and agreements for your type of account and see if it's a service fee for # of transactions and/or being below a balance requirement.

  • Adam On Monday, August 18, 2008, Adam (255)By person wrote:

    But I never spent any money (on anything in weeks) Scholar

  • veingo On Sunday, August 17, 2008, veingo (588)By person wrote:

    Is this from National City Bank?

  • A former member wrote: Well, I would talk with your bank tomorrow and find out what it is...but I know that sometimes my bank will put up something similar to that when it is a pending charge, say on my debit card or when you pay with a check and they run it through as a EFT like Wal-mart does. It could be a transaction that you're forgetting you made.

  • Adam On Sunday, August 17, 2008, Adam (255)By person wrote:

    I know for a fact 100% that this is not a nsf fee, this is my second checking (my other is with Bank Of America). this is my pay for parking and other stuff. I have never overdrafted or anything like that. I did not sign up for extra things and I most certanilly did not approve a charge 3 days before it happened. (I first saw this on the 16th - and thought to get the screen shot after work) Scholar

  • A former member wrote: As Sharon said, it is a service charge, but you will have to get in touch with the bookkeeping department of your bank to find out what it is for...it could be NSF fee, it could be a monthly service charge, a wire transfer charge, if you ordered checks through your bank, so many things. As for post-dating the transaction, that shouldn't be... the only way they are supposed to post date something is if it hasn't cleared yet, so you need to check your Available balance versus your Balance. Scholar

  • A former member wrote: A debit memo is an accounting notation for a withdrawal that isn't related to cash, check or electronic payments. It's usually used to refer to transfers between accounts, wire transfers to another bank or internal service charges, which is what this one is. It's a $25 bank service charge. If you're supposed to have free checking, you will need to contact the bank on Monday and ask them why you have a service charge against your account. I am trying to find FICA information on whether it is legal for them to post-date (it's called post-date for a date in the future--don't ask me why, some British thing, I think) the transaction. Scholar

  • A former member wrote: beh, I meant FDIC, not FICA...duh Scholar

  • A former member wrote: wow, crazy. if i were you id yel and throw somethin. i've no clue bout ze debit memo thing dude, sad cause ice a debit card, lol. *suddenly glad i got union bank and not citizen* Scholar

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