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Window in Time. by pushblood
dark Poetry
dark Poetry

Window in Time.

By pushblood

The window in time is the monster under my bed.
Showing me the face, yet covered by a mask.

The sadistic smile and laughter like a witch.

Her face it melts
Yet I need this.

The window in time makes her young and old.
Sometimes she's the demon with red eyes, and horns.
Nights when I feel safe and young,
She becomes the angel that caresses me and holds me numb

The fallen demon that lurks my soul,
Keeps the window in time, as a gateway for her.
Welcome is the one that feeds on pain.
The victory you seek has a desire for the taking.
Stop wasting your time.
This prey has accepted.

Let the window in time take my existence.

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© 0000 pushblood
Published on Friday, April 4, 2008.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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