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Other side of the mirror.. by pushblood
dark Poetry
dark Poetry

Other side of the mirror..

By pushblood

Shinning marble floors,
Nun with an ego,
The poor little girl snapped in half,
Blood drips from the cracks of the closet.

Six foot nine,
Two hundred and ninety pounds,
A pure blooded killer,
I await him in the hall.
Carving knife in hand,
Lunge and slash.
Stabbing with a vengeance,
No remorse for my baby sister sleeps in two pieces.

Chunks and slabs of flesh,
On the floor,
On the wall,
On the ceiling,
On Me.!

Taste the blood from my lips,
The blood tingles my tongue.
Down my throat, to every tip of my body!

Grab my thoughts, & my knife,
Pull my sister out of the closet piece by piece.
Lay her on the bed, kiss her forehead, and say.
"I'm sorry I could not protect you."
"I got that FUCK, but I was far too late."
Cover her body with a blanket and head back to the hall.

To my surprise..........
I see nothing..
NO pieces,
No chunks,
No blood...

In shock I wipe my eyes.
"What the hell is going on??"
"Is my mind deceiving me?"
Run around the house screaming,
But still,
No one is there..

Up the stairs I go.
I open the closet, and nothing..
No Blood....


To my sisters’ room..
Open the door..
Pull the blanket..
The man…
Blood, chunks and slabs of flesh cover the bed.

Confused and alone with my thoughts I walk out the door..

In the distance of the shadows down the hall,
I here my name,
"Wait"" Is that you Jenn?"
She says nothing but comes slowly out of the shadows with a hideous grin.
"Oh my god Jenn I thought you where dead."
"You where in two pieces on your bed what is going on?"
She says with a beep demonic voice.
"JENN IS DEAD!!!! NOW I"M COMING FOR Y.....O......U......!!
She lunges,
Grabs the knife from my hand.
Clutches the back of my head, nails dig the flesh far too deep.
Exposes my neck.. and...Slashes my throat wide open.......

Laughter and a flash...
Reflection of my self from the other side of the mirror..
Another flash.
Awoken and afraid of the rest of this life..
As I stair at my self in the mirror and cry..

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
© 2008 pushblood
Published on Tuesday, March 18, 2008.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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