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I don't write very often. When I do, I enjoy exploring formal structures, rhythms, and meter and tend to avoid the "free-form" approach to my works. This is mostly because the typical result of abandoning all form tends to be a muddled mess which leaves the reader with an experience akin to having a small terrier hump his or her leg.

Another meaningful thought: This site is themed around "dark poetry", which I've seen frequently interpretted to mean whiny, depressing, or morose in some vague countercultural sense. You won't find any of that in my work. I like darkness, and you will see me explore different aspects of it in my work.

So many incredibly interesting things happen in darkness, or twilight. Those are the things you will find here.



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Ulfric's Works

Poetry (Love)2007-10-10Ferocity
Poetry (Rage)2007-08-14Lullaby to the Beast
Poetry (Love)2006-02-14Lost Together
Poetry (Love)2004-07-29Renewing
Poetry (Fantasy)2004-07-28Siren Song
Poetry (Ironic)2004-07-27Father and Son
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