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aXe FactoR

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Poetry 2004-04-14I - Might - as - Well - Love - Another - Me
Poetry 2004-04-16Misery
Poetry 2004-04-17My Gemini
Poetry 2004-03-28The Great Escape
Poetry 2004-04-18Urban Decay
Poetry 2004-04-29Cannibalism
Poetry 2004-05-08Big Bad Wolf
Poetry 2004-05-22Trepidation
Poetry 2004-04-18Lovey Dovey Suicide
Poetry 2004-06-036 + 9 Lines for 669* (a poem dedicated to 669*)
Poetry 2004-06-12Love U so, So I let U go
Poetry 2004-06-20I was never quite lonely before
Poetry 2004-07-11Look At Me
Lyrics 2004-07-16A Taste of Heaven
Poetry 2004-07-31Winter this year wouldn't be that cold (for Blood of Winter)
Poetry 2004-09-23If you will only let me
Poetry 2005-06-11Mix & swallow
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