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I'm slow in my revelations...

Comments are always appreciated...

Enjoy my previous workings..if there is nothing here that is fresh, try my blogs:


Everything else is below....

D. Corey S.

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Tracer's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2008-01-20those chills down my spine
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-01-06Perceiving Difference in the Nascency of a Year
Poetry (Philosophical)2007-11-03Autumnal Suggestion
Poetry (Love)2006-12-29Clouds to Reveries
Poetry (Love)2005-09-13My Primrose Dreams of Love
Poetry (Rage)2005-05-29Mascara and Lilies
Poetry (Love)2005-03-13A Wren
Poetry (Rage)2005-01-29Nihilism Hereafter
Poetry 2005-01-20Agapornis
Poetry (Depressed)2004-10-05Memoir II
Poetry 2004-09-27Coaxing You Away From Our Dream
Poetry (Rage)2004-09-22Memoir I
Poetry 2004-09-11Exalted Sense of Vitality
Poetry 2004-07-26Laulena
Poetry (Reflective)2004-07-16Conscious
Poetry 2004-07-02Encircled
Poetry (Erotica)2004-05-11Life on a Queen Sized Mattress
Poetry 2004-05-05Four
Poetry 2004-04-11Mist in a Glass Jar
Poetry 2004-04-02Blackened Sun on Cloud Nine
Poetry 2004-03-30Epic of Amierta [Installment 1]
Poetry 2004-03-2820 Fahrenheit and I'm Burning
Poetry 2004-03-23Magnetism of a Displaced Petticoat
Poetry (Reflective)2004-03-19Shifting Tiles
Poetry (Love)2004-03-11Wistful Anomaly
Poetry 2004-03-05The Quintessence of Elemental Beauty
Poetry 2004-03-02Eyelet
Poetry 2004-01-17Obscured Twilight
Poetry 2004-01-07Portrait of a Wayfarer
Poetry (Horror)2003-12-25In Retrospect
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2003-12-23Homewood
Poetry (Personal)2003-12-22Casey
Poetry 2003-12-22Letting Go
Poetry (Personal)2003-12-21Charlotte
Poetry (Rage)2003-12-212ยข Mocha
Poetry 2003-12-21Winter
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