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I could tell you all about me but id rather let you fnd out for your self. Thats more fun, dont you think?

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Poetry 2011-03-14Beauty in death and fear
Poetry 2011-03-14Surreal
Poetry 2011-03-22Tell Me
Poetry 2011-03-31Crank, Grind
Poetry 2011-03-31Take it, break it
Poetry 2011-04-03Jagged Scar
Poetry 2011-06-19Wonder
Poetry 2011-08-27Being dead has made you lazy
Poetry 2011-10-18The Brave Knight of Transfer
Poetry 2011-10-23Over Cast
Poetry 2011-10-25Bury
Poetry 2011-11-23Hell
Poetry 2011-11-25Some Love Poem
Poetry 2011-11-29Bleeding
Poetry 2011-12-01Mirror
Poetry 2011-12-22Flying Above the Night
Poetry 2011-12-22Hell of a storm
Poetry 2011-12-24Put your hands on me
Poetry 2011-12-28Mosaic Nothing
Poetry 2012-01-04Putrid
Poetry 2012-01-10Red Balloon
Poetry 2012-01-27My life is an acrobat
Poetry 2012-01-28Timid Galaxy
Poetry 2012-03-12Northern Lights
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