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Hoping to add some more works on here soon, I've been busy with my studies as of late. My apologies to those who are patiently awaiting new works, but I promise to post some soon!

"Life is all about ass; you're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it or trying to get a piece of it." ~by anonymous~

~ Currently busting it in school =) ~

Gray Vision's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-07Frustration
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-07Rage
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-07Spawn of Lies
Poetry (Depressed)2010-04-07Agony
Poetry (Abuse)2010-04-07The Hold
Poetry (Personal)2010-04-07Alone
Poetry (Beat)2010-04-07Productivity
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-07Finality
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-07Deception
Poetry (Personal)2010-04-08A Thing of Beauty
Poetry (Personal)2010-04-11Impervious
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-11Used
Poetry (Haiku)2010-04-11Silence
Poetry (Depressed)2010-04-11Shackled
Poetry (Personal)2010-04-11Missing You
Poetry (Abuse)2010-04-11Abused
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-12For a Friend
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-12Rock Bottom
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-13What a Day
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-13Paul
Poetry (Ironic)2010-04-13The Rose
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-04-13Judgement
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-22Hold On
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-22Reunited
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-22Valentine Day
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-23Wisdom
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-23Transparency
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-24What in the World?
Poetry (Horror)2010-04-24Nightfalls
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-25RNC
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-25Starting Over
Poetry (Ironic)2010-04-26When Death Knocks
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-26Leaving You
Poetry (Love)2010-04-28Weird Romance
Poetry (Love)2010-04-30Promise Me This
Poetry (Reflective)2010-05-02Connecting the Stars
Poetry (Personal)2010-05-18Armorless Knight
Poetry (Tribute)2010-06-27Once Upon a Story
Poetry (Tribute)2010-06-28If Only
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2010-06-30Hachi Waits
Poetry (Tribute)2010-07-02A Soul Astray
Poetry (Tribute)2010-07-23I Appreciate You All
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-07-23A Gray Vision (with Evangeline)
Poetry (Personal)2011-01-04Making It Right
Poetry (Tribute)2011-01-10A Mother's Touch
Poetry (Reflective)2011-01-17I Don't Know Anymore
Poetry (Personal)2011-02-02My Oath
Poetry (Reflective)2011-08-02Rocky Road
Poetry (Beat)2012-03-11Simplicity
Poetry (Tribute)2012-03-28Jaded's Birthday
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