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Aegis's Works

Poetry 2001-01-25Voice
Poetry 0000-00-00as a river
Poetry 0000-00-00A wish for tomorrow (never to come...)
Poetry 0000-00-00Princess of Desire
Poetry 0000-00-00Smiling Crying Face
Poetry 0000-00-00Lost
Poetry 0000-00-00Art for a dying you and me
Poetry 0000-00-00A Silver Dream Queen
Poetry 0000-00-00One Extended Minute of Silence
Poetry 0000-00-00A drama dead inside
Poetry 0000-00-00A dream of Pain
Poetry 0000-00-00Emerald
Poetry 2002-08-26nothing but you lasts forever
Poetry 2001-11-14elegy
Poetry 0000-00-00Saw you die
Poetry 0000-00-00Jaded Angel
Poetry 0000-00-00Once again from flesh
Poetry 1999-09-05Sad Faces
Poetry 2001-09-02a truth of three words
Poetry 2002-07-17the voice is dead
Poetry 2000-03-04Glimmer
Poetry 2001-02-07Seven moons
Poetry 2001-11-04bereavement
Poetry 2001-11-09heaven sent
Poetry 2004-04-12another dream dead
Poetry 2004-04-18this darkness, my home
Poetry 2004-06-30where's my angel?
Poetry 2004-12-06an end for the august moon
Poetry (Depressed)2006-08-07Dead Heart in the Light
Poetry (Horror)2006-12-27Emptiness Faded Despair
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